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The "child labour" expression encompasses a dual situation. Indeed, a difference must be made between “child work” and “child labour”.

Child Work

“Child work” refers to a positive participation of children in an economic activity, which is not detrimental to their health or mental and physical development; on the contrary, it is a beneficial work, which strengthens or encourages the child development. It allows a normal schooling and does not impede the child from doing leisure activities or resting. Across the world, millions of young people legitimately undertake work, paid or unpaid, that is appropriate for their age and level of maturity. According to the Convention n° 138 Minimum Age Recommendation of the ILO, this kind of light work is permitted from the age of twelve years.

Child Labour

On the other hand, the expression “child labour”, on which this dissertation will focus, refers to all the kinds of work which occur in violation of the international conventions. These labours can be destructive ones. This is why it is really important to distinguish beneficial work from intolerable labour.

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